2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Gums After Getting A New Maryland Dental Bridge

To fill a gap in your smile, you may have opted to get a Maryland bridge that is attached using wings that rest on the surfaces of the adjacent teeth. Because this type of bridge is permanently affixed, you may have concerns about taking care of your gums both in the gaps between your natural and fake teeth, or pontics. If so, use the following tips to ensure that you keep your gums clean and healthy after getting a new Maryland dental bridge.

1. Use a Floss Threader to Remove Any Stuck Food Particles

Because of the way that Maryland bridges are designed, the wings that attach them to the adjacent teeth are not removable. Since the wings block the gap between your teeth and the pontics at the top, you will find it difficult to use regular floss to clean the areas between them. Instead of trying to navigate floss around the wings, opt to use a floss threader instead. This type of flossing apparatus is not made from string. Instead, it is a thin, flexible piece of soft plastic.

Not only is a floss threader thin enough to get into and clean the spaces between the teeth, but it can also fit under the pontics so you can dislodge any stuck food between them and your gumline. It is especially important to clean this area to ensure that your gums stay healthy. Just make sure you thread the flosser gently under the bridge to avoid cutting or bruising the gum tissue.

2. Rinse the Spaces Surrounding the Pontics With an Oral Irrigator 

After using a thread flosser to clear away any large particles of food, you can further your cleaning efforts by using an oral irrigator around the pontics. Because the irrigator uses gentle pressure to push the water through the gaps, it can dislodge any unseen food you may have missed with the threader while not damaging either the bridge or your gums.

If you wish to ensure that the spaces are also free from bacteria, you can add a little salt water to the chamber of the irrigator. The salt water acts as a natural antibacterial as well as a gentle cleanser. Using the above tips can help you properly take care of your surrounding your Maryland bridge. Speak with a dental office like NOVA PREMIER DENTAL if you have any concerns or require further guidance on taking care of your bridge, gums, and general oral health.