3 Procedures Your Family Dentist Can Perform

Taking care of your teeth is important. If you have a family, it is ideal to get all of your dental needs met by the same dentist. This may save you time and help you keep all your dental records in the same location. There are a variety of procedures your family dentist, one like Mooresville Dental, can perform and knowing what these are may help to save you time.

Dental Fillings

If you or one of your family members have a cavity, it is critical to get it restored quickly. This will prevent the decay from spreading. The extent of tooth decay is determined by being classified. There are six classifications that decay may be listed under, and one identifies the least amount of decay.

This process will involve the dentist removing the decay from the tooth and restoring it with a composite material. Some of these materials include gold, anagram, or porcelain. The dentist may recommend the best choice for you to provide the longest lasting results.

Dental Crowns

Do you have a tooth that has been classified above the highest level of six for decay? If so, you may need to get a dental crown to fully have this tooth restored. This process can be completed in two visits to your dentist and listed below are the steps involved:

1. The dentist will remove the decay from the tooth.

2. There will be an impression made for the damaged tooth.

3. A dental lab will create a crown to be placed on the tooth.

4. You will return to the dentist to have the crown cemented onto your tooth.

The average price of a dental crown is $500–$1,100 and can last up to 15 years or longer in some cases.

Dental Bridges

Do you or one of your family members have teeth that are missing? If so, it is important for your overall dental health to restore these teeth. This can be done with a dental bridge, which is created with crowns.

This process will involve the dentist making an impression of the teeth that are missing and having a dental lab make the crowns to build a bridge.

Finally, being able to get all of your family needs met at the dentist is a great way to make life less stressful. Be sure to rely on the expertise of your family dentist for any questions you may have regarding your family's teeth.