3 Simple Ways To Convince Your Child To Take Better Care Of Their Teeth

If you have a younger child who's at the age to start taking care of their own oral hygiene, you may find it difficult to get them to remember to take care of their teeth the way they should. There are some simple ways you can help them make oral care a normal part of their routine. Follow the tips below to get your child to become more responsible with regards to their oral care.

Hang a chart on their wall

One of the hardest parts of getting your child to take over their dental care is getting them to remember what they need to do. It's easy for a young child to forget to take care of their teeth when they have other things on their mind. Hanging a chart on their wall that tells them what they need to do and when will serve as a good reminder.

The chart can be broken up into morning oral care, after eating oral care, and before bedtime oral care. Mark down when they should be brushing, flossing, and using their mouthwash. Put the chart where it's easily visible to your child when they enter and exit the room.

Start a reward program

You can reward your child for taking care of their teeth without reminders from you. You can randomly check up on them to make sure they are sticking to it, have them mark down when they take care of their teeth, or you can have them come tell you when they brush, floss, and/or use the mouthwash.

The rewards can be given out in a way that works the best for your family. They can come in the form of an extra allowance at the end of the week, a special privilege, or a surprise gift.

Have your child keep a daily log

You can give your child a journal and ask them to log down every time they take care of their teeth. Have them keep the log somewhere that allows you easy access to it. You want to check the log when they least expect it and see that they have been taking proper care of their teeth.

Each time you see good things when you check the log, you can mark a star in the log. When your child is able to collect a certain number of stars, they can trade them in for a reward.

Once you find the best way to motivate your child, you'll see they will start to take better care of their teeth and develop good habits they'll carry with them throughout their life. Contact your family dentist, such as at Associated Family Dentistry LTD, for more ideas.