Treatment & Cost Issues of Implant Dentistry

If you believe that dental implants are needed to replace missing teeth, you should seek an implant dentist with a thorough working and in-depth knowledge about all treatment aspects and with a good deal of prior experience. The treatment plan for dental implants includes two components: the surgical phase and the restorative phase.

Usually, a periodontist or oral surgeon will perform the surgical phase of the dental implant process. A professional in general dentistry, or a prosthodontist, along with laboratory technicians, will perform the restorative aspect.

The Process

The process of implant dentistry has become much more sophisticated in recent years. Today, a restorative dentist may also place the dental implant, in addition to performing the surgical phase of the treatment. Each clinician working with the treatment plan must be fully aware of:

  • The type of final restoration desired
  • The position of teeth
  • The size of teeth
  • The number of teeth being replaced

Different Types of Dental Implant Restorations

Each situation regarding missing teeth is unique. It makes sense then, that each situation also has a unique way that dental implants can be used to replace teeth. All treatments from which a choice is made are placed in two categories: fixed or removable prostheses.

If patients need fixed bridges, more implants will be required to secure them. Fixed bridges feel much more natural like original teeth and they are more aesthetically pleasing than removable dentures.

On the other hand, removable implant dentures are used by implant dentists if patients are missing all of their teeth. Removable dentures require fewer dental implants than fixed prostheses. There are various types of removable dentures available to dental patients.

Removable partial dentures attach to the teeth remaining in the mouth, and they have a portion that is the color of gums, which allows them to blend into the existing gums. Prosthetic teeth are used as replacements for missing teeth.

The best implant dentists are constantly mastering new surgical and restorative techniques. These techniques are being developed and improved as advances are made in implant dentistry. The meticulous attention of implant dentists to the fine details gives you a feeling of confidence in their skills and training.


Implant dentists are committed to restoring a fuller function and a natural look to the replacements for missing teeth. These are important qualities you should look for in a local implant dentist. Then you can choose a dentist to restore your smile.