Dental Bridges Are Good Tooth Replacement Options

If you are missing some of your teeth then you want to have them replaced in a way that looks and feels natural, while giving you a fully functioning set again. While there are different options you may have available to you, a dental bridge may be the right one for you. There are a lot of benefits to going with a dental bridge and this article will introduce you to a bridge and familiarize you with some of those benefits.

How does a dental bridge work?

A bridge has two or more crowns attached to replacement teeth. The teeth the crowns go on will be ground down to make room for the bonding material and the crown. They will be looked at by the family dentist to make sure they are healthy enough to provide good anchors for the permanent teeth. The anchoring teeth will also need to be in the right position.

Next to the anchoring teeth will be the replacement teeth. They will be built to fit right where your normal teeth would be and held in place by the crowns on both sides. The bridge will be designed out of metal and covered with porcelain material that's blended to make the bridge the same color and shade as the rest of your teeth.

What is the process for getting a dental bridge?

The dentist will take an impression of your mouth and this is what the lab will use to build the bridge. Your anchoring teeth will then be ground down and you may be given temporary crowns for those teeth to prevent damage and tooth sensitivity while you wait for the bridge.

Once the bridge comes in, the dentist will put bonding material directly on the teeth and this is what holds the crowns on. The bridge will then be put in place. The dentist will clean the excess bonding material off the rest of your teeth and gums and you will be ready to go. You may have a bit of sensitivity for a couple of days and then you will feel just as you would if you only had your natural teeth.

If you have been hoping to find an option that gives you replacements that leave you feeling like you have your real teeth back, then a bridge may be your best bet. It will look real, feel real and function just like your real teeth would.