Cleaning, Care, And Application Tips For A New Set Of Dentures

If you were recently fitted with a new set of dentures, the following tips can be used to help you clean and apply them so that they continue to look natural and each piece is inserted properly on a daily basis. As a result, you can wear your dentures with confidence and won't need to worry about them becoming damaged or severely stained.

Set Up A Cleaning Station

Prepare an area in one of your restrooms to use while cleaning the dentures. Place a large cup on the vanity's counter that will be used to hold the cleaning solution. Lay a pair of tongs nearby to use while inserting each denture in the cleaning agent and removing the pieces once they are clean so that you do not expose them to bacteria that is on your skin.

Purchase several bottles of the cleaning product so that you always have plenty on hand and acquire some handheld brushes with soft bristles to use to loosen debris from the surface of each denture. Plastic, flexible tooth picks should also be purchased so that you can use them to remove chunks of food or dirt that are stuck between teeth.

Use A Magnifying Mirror To Assist With Installing Each Piece

Install a large magnifying mirror behind a vanity in your bedroom. Turn on a floor lamp that is set up next to the vanity so that you are provided with plenty of visibility. Line the vanity with a thick towel so that while you are inserting or removing each denture, they won't become damaged if they accidentally slip from between your fingertips.

Put on a pair of disposable gloves before handling each denture. Apply an even line of adhesive to your top and bottom gum line before pressing each denture into place. Never rush or exert force while installing the dentures. Also, make sure that each denture is dry before placing it inside of your mouth.

Place The Dentures In A Protective Case

Purchase a waterproof case that has a cushioned interior so that the dentures can safely be stored while not being worn and won't be at risk of cracking if the case accidentally falls on the floor. If you cannot locate a case that has a lined interior, acquire a holder that has an attached bracket inside of it so that the dentures can be stabilized.

When you are going to be traveling, a case will come in handy, as well. If you decide to do so, you can take your dentures out while driving long distances or while staying in a hotel and won't need to worry about misplacing them or causing them to become permanently damaged. For more information, contact dentists, such as Michele A Bibeau DDS.