4 Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Week Of Wearing Braces

Getting braces is one of the best ways to correct overbites, crowding, protrusions, and a variety of other dental issues. Thankfully, orthodontal technology has seen many advancements in the last few decades, and braces aren't that big of a deal any more. Yes, they still require a lot of commitment and focus to prevent damage to your braces, but it is fairly easy to adapt to the new habits they require. Just make sure that you do not make any of these mistakes in your first week of wearing braces.

Mistake #1: Eating Hard, Sticky Foods

People often make the mistake of eating whatever they want after getting braces. They may not feel that hard, sticky foods will do much damage to their teeth, but foods like fruit-flavored hard candy and caramels can do a lot of damage. Other foods you should avoid include chewy foods like bagels and hard rolls and crunch foods like popcorn, chips, and ice. Instead, try to choose a variety of healthy, soft foods that have flavors you love. It's much easier to do the right thing when you set yourself up for success.

Mistake #2: Expecting the Mouth to Naturally Adjust

The mouth will not just automatically adjust right away, and expecting it to is a big mistake. Yes, the mouth does adjust to the braces, but it will probably take time and the development of mouth sores before that happens. To avoid mouth sores, try orthodontic wax. Generously apply the wax to any problem areas. Be sure to press it on the brackets that feel uncomfortable.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Any Mouth Sores That Develop

Mouth sores develop in some people with braces no matter how much they may try to prevent them. If you do get mouth sores, yes, they will go away on their own with time. However, if they have appeared, ignoring them is a huge mistake. Instead, you can help soothe the pain and kick them to the curb earlier than they would disappear on their own. Try swishing with warm salt water a few times per day when you have sores from the braces.

Mistake #4: Skipping Your Dental Care Routine

Once you have braces, you probably cannot continue the same dental care routine you had before getting them. However, it is extremely important to stick to a regular dental care routine that your dentist can help you plan. Skipping the dental care routine would be a huge mistake. Your dentist will help you decide on which dental supplies are necessary for properly brushing your teeth with braces, and establish a routine that you can stick too several times each day. Yes, you will need to up the frequency of your dental care routine now that you have braces.

Finally, keep in mind that occasional missteps with braces are inevitable. One mistake is likely not going to derail all the progress you achieved by wearing braces, but you should do your best to avoid anything that can be detrimental to your braces.