How to Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth

If you knock out one of your teeth, the tooth may not be a total loss, but you will need to act quickly and appropriately in order to save it. While what you do to protect the tooth is critical, you will also need to draw on the skill of an emergency dentist. The dentist will have the final say on whether the tooth can be saved and what must be done to save it. 

Care for a Tooth You Knock Out

If you knock out one of your teeth, you must try to find the tooth immediately. Once you locate the tooth, make a quick inspection of the tooth itself. Make sure that the roots are not broken off and that there are no cracks in the tooth. Then rinse off the tooth and try to place it back in the socket. If you can fit the tooth back into the socket, roll up a piece of gauze or similar material, place the roll over the tooth, and then bite down to keep pressure on the tooth. If you can't place the tooth back in the socket, place it in a clean container that's filled with milk or your saliva. Once you have done what you can for the tooth, rush to an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. 

Finding an Emergency Dentist

You do not want to wait until you are trying to hold your tooth in its socket by biting down on a roll of gauze to locate an emergency dentist. Instead, you should talk to your dentist beforehand, possibly during a regular appointment, to see if they will take emergency appointments. Some dentists will either leave room or make room in their schedule to handle emergency patients. If you have an accident after hours, some dentists will be on call to take emergency cases. If your dentist does not handle emergency cases, they should at least be able to recommend a dentist who does. 

Once you find an emergency dentist, it is a good idea to have their number programmed into your phone so that if you do have the need for immediate dental care, you can quickly get a hold of the dentist and set up an appointment. If you act quickly and appropriately, it is often possible to save your natural tooth, which is a much better option than simply looking into tooth replacement.