Is Your Child Grinding Their Teeth At Night? This Anxiety Could Lead To Cavities

Hearing your child grind their teeth at night can be a very painful experience. Many parents can't understand why their child do this or the ways it damages their teeth. The most common cause of this problem is probably anxiety. Thankfully, it can be fixed.

Many Children Suffer From This Problem

Parents who have to pay bills and work every day probably don't understand why their child suffers from anxiety. That is an understandable thought, but it ignores the fact that many children have anxiety about school, friends, family members, pets, and even their toys. That anxiety often manifests as excessive teeth grinding in the night.

While children may grind their teeth during the day, it usually happens more at night. That's because they are unconsciously expressing their anxiety through their teeth grinding when proper jaw control is out of their hands. Unfortunately, this can become a big problem if it isn't managed properly.

How Grinding Affects Dental Health

While children who get excessive cavities often suffer from a genetic pre-disposition for these problems, grinding can contribute to the development of even worse damage. That's because it can wear the enamel off of their teeth and leave it open to invasion by bacteria and other damaging elements.

As a result, it is important to take care of this situation as soon as possible. In some instances, it could even cause the child to need serious dental surgery. That's because grinding may alter the positioning of their jaw and cause serious TMJ pain. This means that it is crucial to manage this problem right away.

Managing This Concern

If a child is grinding their teeth at night due to anxiety, there are a few steps parents must take to ensure that they don't cause excessive cavities. First of all, it is important to find out why a child is so anxious. There are many influences that can cause a child to feel anxiety about their life. Working with a counselor can help figure out why they are troubled and give them the strength they need to manage it.

Next, it is important to address any dental concerns that may have developed as a result of teeth grinding. Visiting a dentist helps you check your child for cavities and fix any that may be developing. It also helps your child learn about safer and healthier dental procedures that can provide them with stronger teeth that are more resistant to serious damage.

So don't hesitate to talk to a child dentist, such as at Alaska Dentistry For Kids, about teeth grinding to learn more about this problem. You might just be able to help your child beat their anxiety and teeth grinding problems and provide them with the help they need to be happy and healthy for years to come.