Steps Involved With A Smile Makeover

Having the smile you've always wanted is possible through a smile makeover. A smile makeover is a set of procedures you can go through to modify and improve the way your teeth look, and it is something that can help you improve your self-esteem and confidence. If this is something you've always wanted, here are the main steps you will need to go through to get a smile makeover.

Preliminary Visit

The first step in a smile makeover involves a preliminary visit to the dentist. This visit is often referred to as a consultation visit, and it offers an opportunity to learn about what procedures could help you improve your smile. During this visit, your dentist will complete several different steps, including the following:

  1. Discussion with you about your goals and desires – The first thing your dentist will do during this visit is talk to you about what you are hoping and longing for with your smile. What you tell the dentist will help him or her determine how to proceed with the smile makeover.
  2. Examination of your teeth – The next thing the dentist will do is examine your teeth and smile to see what he or she will be working with. This examination is helpful for the dentist to determine what procedures you might need as well as any challenges he or she may face when helping you achieve the smile you really want.
  3. X-rays and impressions – Your dentist may also need to take x-rays and impressions of your teeth for several reasons. The first reason is to find out if you have any oral health problems that need to be addressed. The second reason is to see how your jawbone lines up. Dentists also do this to offer before and after pictures of people who go through smile makeovers.

After completing these steps, the dentist will create a plan for your mouth.

Explanation of the Plan

While some dentists may discuss the plan for your mouth with you during the initial consultation visit, others will set up an appointment to discuss this at a later point in time. In either case, your dentist will want to explain what procedures he or she is recommending to help you achieve the goals you have with your smile. The plan your dentist creates might have options for you to choose from for fixing problems, and some of the procedures the dentist might recommend include the following:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Gum contouring
  • Composite bonding
  • Braces

You may need just a couple of these services, or you might need all of them. This will depend on the current condition of your teeth and on the needs you have. Your dentist may also create a timeline for the services he or she is recommending, and this will include the number of visits you will need to complete the entire makeover.

Follow-Up Visits

You can talk to the dentist about the plan and ask any questions you may have. From there, you and the dentist can determine when to start the work and what procedures you would like to have him or her do. Depending on what you need, your dentist might be able to complete the entire makeover in just a couple of appointments. If you need extensive work, you might need multiple visits.

If you would like a smile you are proud of, talk to a cosmetic dentist about a smile makeover. There are so many dental procedures available today that can help you have a nicer smile. Visit a clinic like Parklane Dental to find out more.