4 Poor Dental Habits That Can Cost You Your Teeth

If you have poor dental habits, you could be setting yourself up for dental work you didn't intend on ever having. Some of these habits are bad for you and your teeth, and you might not even be aware of it. If you aren't sure what habits are bad for your teeth, read on for a few that can be detrimental to your oral health. 

1. Biting Non Food Items

If you're biting your nails, biting pencils, or chewing on anything that isn't a food item, you could end up damaging your teeth. You may wear down your enamel, or you could damage your teeth by chipping them or breaking them. If you chew on items, you can also end up wearing out your jaw muscles. You may end up getting TMJ if you chew on these types of items, and need a mouth guard or injections. 

2. Not Brushing Twice Daily

If you're skipping out on brushing before bed, you have plaque on your teeth that will be in your mouth all night. If you are skipping this second brushing, you could end up with cavities or carries in your teeth. If these go untreated, you could need a root canal, or your tooth may end up needing to be pulled. You could lose one or more of your teeth if you aren't brushing them twice daily.

3. Eating And Drinking A Lot Of Sugar

If you're eating foods that are high in sugar, or if you are drinking beverages that are high in sugar all throughout the day, that sugar can end up eating through your enamel. You will end up with cavities and other issues from the sugar. Limit your intake of sugar, and eat healthier options instead. 

4. Using Your Teeth As A Tool

In addition to biting things that are not food-related, you need to be sure you aren't using your teeth as a tool to open things or to do anything else that isn't chewing. If you aren't chewing food, you shouldn't be using your teeth for anything else. They shouldn't be used to open a bottle or to pop the safety seal off of the new bottle of Ketchup. You may end up damaging your teeth by chipping or cracking them.

If you are guilty of these poor dental habits, you should visit a family dentist to have your teeth cleaned every six months.