Tips For Dealing With The Discomfort Of Wearing Braces

Have you decided to move forward with getting braces to correct the alignment of your teeth? If so, you will need to be prepared for some discomfort during the process. Your teeth will have a lot of pressure put on them to move them into the right position, and you'll need to know these tips on how to deal with how it will feel.

Eat Softer Foods

Your teeth are most likely to feel discomfort after you have the braces tightened. You may notice that your teeth are sensitive to the pressure that is put on them from chewing normal foods, making it hard to do. Consider switching up your diet during these days after your braces are adjusted by eating softer foods, such as pasta and soups. Avoid anything that is going to be hard and sticky.

Use Pain Medication

If you are especially struggling during those first few days after an adjustment, know that you can always use a pain reliever to help deal with it. Acetaminophen is your best option for braces related discomfort, which is because it doesn't address inflammation. This helps ensure that your teeth continue moving, since other drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen can slow down the process of moving your teeth.

Use A Saltwater Rinse

You may have cheek irritation from the braces rubbing against the soft tissue in your mouth. One solution to this problem is to use a saltwater rinse. You can do this multiple times a day as needed, and it can help give some relief to your mouth from the discomfort you are experiencing. 

Use A Topical Gel

There are also topical gels that you can apply directly to those cuts right after they happen. They will numb the area of your mouth for a little while just so that you can have some temporary relief in those specific parts of your mouth. It is easy to apply on your own by putting a small amount on a cotton swab and rubbing it around the area.

Use Dental Wax

Another option that will prevent those cuts from happening is to use dental wax. You can apply a small amount of wax to the brackets of your braces, and it will create a smooth surface that does not cut into the soft tissues of your mouth. While your mouth will eventually adjust to the feeling of wearing braces, dental wax can be especially helpful during the first week or so. A place like Monacell Orthodontics has more information.