Dental Implants As Replacements For Natural Teeth

A trip and fall to the ground can lead to one or more teeth being knocked out. Unfortunately, the exact situation is what many people experience, and the results of losing teeth can be embarrassing and life-changing. For example, when teeth are knocked out the front of the mouth, the space created is clearly visible and can make the victim feel too embarrassed to talk. If you have stopped talking, smiling, and being as social as you once were because your front teeth are missing, do not lose all hope. A dentist can replace your missing teeth with dental implants to the extent that it will be impossible for anyone to notice that you do not have natural teeth.

How Can Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth while maintaining a natural appearance. The reason is that dental implants are installed in a fashion that is similar to the way natural teeth are situated in the gums. For example, natural teeth have a tooth that protrudes from the gums, as well as a root that holds the tooth in place. Mirroring that design, dental implants are designed to function as tooth roots to hold artificial teeth in place. An implant has to be surgically installed in the jawbone, and then an artificial tooth could be screwed on to give the appearance that it grew from the gums.

How Long Does it Take For Dental Implants to Be Installed?

There is a dental implant procedure that can be completed in one day, which involves attaching a temporary denture to the implant on the same day. However, it is common for most dentists to perform a dental implant procedure that takes several months before the process is complete. During the typical procedure, an implant will be installed inside the jawbone, and then a patient is sent home to heal for a few months. The goal is for the implant to bond with the jawbone for more stability and the functionality of a natural tooth root. After the healing period, a dentist will attach an artificial tooth to the implant that can be used as a natural tooth can be used.

What Does a Dentist Charge to Install Dental Implants?

The price for dental implant installation varies because some patients might need to undergo more steps than others. For example, a patient who does not have stable jawbones will need to undergo bone grafting before dental implants can be installed. Consult with a dentist to find out which procedures you need to undergo for dental implant installation, as well as what you should expect to pay.