Regaining Bite Strength With Dental Implant Installation

Do you miss having the ability to chew a variety of foods without the challenge that comes with having missing teeth? If you have tried to chew with artificial cosmetic teeth but it feels too weird and you cannot bite hard foods, it's time to get a more natural type of artificial teeth. The artificial teeth that can be purchased in stores and online are mostly designed to hide unappealing teeth while taking photos. If your primary focus is to restore your ability to eat as you please, the most ideal option is dental implant installation. However, you need to consult with a dentist to find out if dental implants are ideal for your specific oral health condition.

When Are Dental Implants Not Ideal?

A dentist will examine your mouth before performing the dental implant installation procedure. The reason is that your mouth might have problems that present a challenge for the dental implant procedure. For example, someone who does not have much jawbone left might not be a candidate for the procedure. Bone grafting is possible for certain people, but it is up to the dentist to decide if it can be done or not. Certain health conditions could make someone a poor candidate for dental implants as well, such as conditions that are being treated via radiation.

Why Are Dental Implants Good for Chewing?

Dental implants are ideal for restoring the power of your bite because of how they are structured. Dental implants are the only option that involves anchoring artificial teeth to the jawbone. For example, an implant is a piece of metal that bonds with the jawbone to create an artificial root. Artificial teeth can then be screwed into place that are supported by the implant as natural teeth are supported by roots. Dental implants will make it possible to chew foods of any texture without facing difficulties during the process.

Is Dental Implant Installation a Fast Process?

Installing dental implants is not a process that you should expect to be speedy. It takes several months for the installation process to fully complete. For example, getting the metal implants placed in your jawbones can be done in a day, but it takes months for the bonding process to complete. The bonding process is important because it is when the implants become one with your jawbones. Temporary teeth can be worn while waiting for the implants to bond with your jawbones.

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