3 Benefits Of Taking Your Toddler To The Dentist On A Regular Basis

Most children's dentists will recommend starting your child's oral health care as soon as your child gets their first tooth. Unfortunately, many parents fail to address their children's dental care needs until they reach school age. This is unfortunate because there are several benefits that come with taking your infant or toddler to the dentist on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn more about how early childhood dental care can prove beneficial.

Benefit #1: Avoid Potential Damage To Your Child's Emerging Teeth

Even if the majority of your child's teeth are still below their gums, these teeth can be damaged. This is because issues such as nutrient deficiencies, trauma, and even personal habits such as thumb sucking can all impact a child's developing teeth. Taking your child to see a pediatric dentist regularly will allow the development of these teeth to be monitored so that any issues can be addressed. 

Benefit #2: Help Your Child Avoid Fear Or Anxiety Regarding Dental Care

It is pretty common for young children to develop a fear of the dentist or to experience some level of anxiety when undergoing basic dental procedures such as teeth cleaning or having a cavity filled. While it is still possible for your child to experience these issues, starting their dental care routine early on in life can help reduce the risk of this happening. This is because your child will have the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with their dentist before they will require any invasive dental procedures. The better your child's relationship with their dentist is, the less likely they will be to experience anxiety regarding a particular procedure. Perhaps more importantly, having a trusting relationship with their dentist will help to increase the chances of your child being open with their dentist about any anxiety that they experience.

Benefit #3: Address Any Oral Health Problems Early

Even with the very best dental care, children can develop oral health problems such as cavities or crooked teeth. The longer these issues are left untreated, the more difficult it will be to correct the issue. Choosing to take your child to a pediatric dentist when they are still very young will help to ensure that these issues are caught as quickly as possible so that they can be addressed. This can help you to avoid more invasive procedures. For example, filling a cavity early can help you to avoid a root canal later in life. Likewise, using a retainer to correct minor issues with tooth spacing could allow you to avoid the need for a full set of braces.  

Reach out to a pediatric dentist near you to learn more.