How Having Siblings Sit With One Another In A Dental Office Can Help Their Relationship

Most children will not enjoy going to the dentist. Even if your child never has to have cavities filled or teeth extracted. Having to sit inside of a dentists chair for long periods of time with their mouth in an uncomfortable position can make even patient children crabby. If you often have to work and must drop your children off at the dentist's office for their servicing alone, you should have your children accompany one another inside of the dental chair. Along not being alone, their relationship can be strengthened by sitting alongside one another. There are a few ways that your children will grow closer by sitting with one another in the dentist's office. 

They will learn to calm one another

Even if siblings fight, seeing your sister or brother in an uncomfortable situation can be unsettling. Have your child sit in the same room as their sibling and offer them support if they get fidgety or antsy during their dental service. Be sure that your family dentist knows that your children will be accompanying one another into the room for the service so that they can set up an extra seat. Your children can either hold one another's hand or speak encouraging if they notice that one gets upset. 

They may be able to provide entertainment

While one child is having their teeth cleaned, the other child can set up their phone or tablet in a way that will allow the child being serviced to view the programs. Be sure to download shows and short films to the phone or tablet before going to the dentist. WIth a headphone splitter and two sets of headphones, both of your children will be able to enjoy the show together while having their teeth cleaned. This will make the cleaning much easier for the dentist as well because the child will be encouraged to sit still. 

They learn how to deal with just one another

If your children are several years apart it is common for them to hang out less with one another and hang out more with people in their own age group. Sitting at the dentist together will help teach them how to relate to one another. This is an important lesson for all children, as it will teach the elder children responsibility and teach the younger children trust for their elder sibling. Learning to deal with one another is also an important lesson that will need to be carried into adulthood for siblings. 

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