Regaining Bite Strength With Dental Implant Installation

Do you miss having the ability to chew a variety of foods without the challenge that comes with having missing teeth? If you have tried to chew with artificial cosmetic teeth but it feels too weird and you cannot bite hard foods, it's time to get a more natural type of artificial teeth. The artificial teeth that can be purchased in stores and online are mostly designed to hide unappealing teeth while taking photos. Read More 

Why Should You Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have been around for some time, and they have done their job and served their purpose, but there are other ways to straighten teeth without those awful brackets and wires that can be embarrassing. If you have all of those brackets and wires in your mouth, it can make talking difficult, or you may not even want to smile or talk because of them. If you are in need of braces, you should consider Invisalign braces instead of traditional braces. Read More 

What Causes Plaque On Your Teeth And How To Avoid It

Plaque is one of those things that you hear about but may not understand. Knowing more about the things that can cause a breakdown of your dental health is important. Read on to learn more about dental plaque and how to avoid it. Blame it on Bacteria It's impossible to keep bacteria from your mouth. Bacteria are produced from the foods you eat and almost everything you drink. People with a healthy immune system and who take good care of their teeth can withstand having a few bacteria swimming around occasionally. Read More 

4 Ways To Use Fluoride To Help Harden Your Enamel

Perhaps you've heard of fluoride. It is a mineral that your teeth use to make strong, healthy enamel. If you have been getting a lot of cavities lately, your dentist may advise you to use more fluoride to help harden your enamel and protect against future decay. So, how do you go about exposing your teeth to more fluoride? Here are some top approaches to consider. Fluoride Treatments This is a good option for anyone who does not want to change their daily habits, and it's also a good choice for those with very weak enamel. Read More 

Dental Implants As Replacements For Natural Teeth

A trip and fall to the ground can lead to one or more teeth being knocked out. Unfortunately, the exact situation is what many people experience, and the results of losing teeth can be embarrassing and life-changing. For example, when teeth are knocked out the front of the mouth, the space created is clearly visible and can make the victim feel too embarrassed to talk. If you have stopped talking, smiling, and being as social as you once were because your front teeth are missing, do not lose all hope. Read More