Dental Bridges Are Good Tooth Replacement Options

If you are missing some of your teeth then you want to have them replaced in a way that looks and feels natural, while giving you a fully functioning set again. While there are different options you may have available to you, a dental bridge may be the right one for you. There are a lot of benefits to going with a dental bridge and this article will introduce you to a bridge and familiarize you with some of those benefits. Read More 

Pediatric Dental Care Tips For New Parents

Protecting your child's smile from various causes of damage does not have to be a scary or intimidating experience. However, you may feel confused and overwhelmed by the amount and variety of information available about pediatric dental topics. Unfortunately, this can make it easy to overlook some of the more common and simple tips for helping your child have a beautiful smile. Make Brushing Fun To Encourage Good Habits It is common knowledge that brushing your teeth is critical for ensuring they are protected from decay and other potential sources of damage. Read More 

Encouraging Osseointegration After A Dental Implant

One of the most common causes of dental implant failure occurs when the bone in a patient's jaw fails to merge with the titanium post of the implant. This joining of bone and metal, known as osseointegration, is essential for a healthy and lasting implant, and new manufacturing and surgical techniques have made the process easier than ever. It is, however, still possible for the integration to fail, and there are precautions you should take to help ensure that your body accepts the dental implants without issue. Read More 

Four Foods To Keep Away From Your Child For Optimal Oral Health

Taking your child to regular dental checkups ensures that the child's teeth and gums are healthy. In between visits to the pediatric dentist, it's your responsibility to ensure that your child's diet doesn't negatively affect his or her oral health. While you might feel comfortable giving your son or daughter a sweet treat from time to time, steering clear from these high-sugar foods are much as possible is ideal. Sugar-laden products aren't the only things that can lead to problems with your child's oral health. Read More 

The Importance Of Interceptive Orthodontic Care

Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment which basically addresses tooth alignment problems after the permanent teeth have fully emerged from the gum line, interceptive orthodontic care focuses on correcting alignment issues early by guiding emerging primary teeth in children into their proper position. Interceptive orthodontic care can help guide teeth into a more favorable position and create a more appealing arrangement of your teeth, gums and jawline. This is meant to correct bite and alignment problems even before the permanent teeth in your child emerge, eliminating the need for more drastic measures such as wire braces later in adulthood. Read More